Red Gingham Tent Card Placeholders (12-Pack)

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Red gingham tent cards or place cards are the perfect addition to any event. The classic pattern will pair nicely with any outdoor event such as a picnic or BBQ. It can also work for a baby-q, baby shower, housewarming, reunion, work event, retirement party, birthday party and more!

The design features a background of red gingham plaid with a white oval and dashed line border. Tent cards are a great way to identify dishes in a food spread or as a placeholder or name card for seating arrangements.

If you are hosting a themed event and offering a variety of fun themed food, these tent cards are a great way to identify those items. Tents cards for food items are also great for identifying vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and other food items are support specialty diets.

If you are using the tent cards for name placeholders, then they can also serve as a cute souvenir for your guests to take home from the event.

Pack includes 12 tent cards that are pre-scored for ensure a crisp and even fold. Tent cards are made of extra thick smooth matte cardstock for added durability. Simply write your text with a permanent marker on the front of the card, then carefully fold along the score, and you're all done!

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