15 Spring Baby Shower Themes

15 Spring Baby Shower Themes

17th Apr 2022

Spring is a time to celebrate! Birds chirping, flowers are blooming, the humdrum of winter is disappearing, and the world is waking up again. If you are hosting a baby shower this season, there are many beautiful themes to choose from!

Here are some ideas that we love:

Baby in Bloom

Blooming flowers are one of springtime and can make an excellent theme for a baby shower—floral prints, flowers everywhere, bright poppy colors, and splashes of lush green. For party favors, you can offer guests lovely bouquets that can double as decorations during the festivities or maybe a cute pot of flowers or even a flower kit so they can grow one of their own.

Baseball / All-Star

Spring training might be on the dads' minds this time of year, and what an adorable baby shower theme as well! You could have a baseball for guests to autograph, and the invites could look like game tickets, baseball cake pops for dessert, peanuts in mason jars for favors, or hand out Baby Ruth candy bars. The options are adorable and endless with this theme.

Cactus / Cutie Cactus

Cactus cuties are an excellent theme for spring (and summer!). The color palette for a cactus-themed baby shower includes rich shades of green and pops of pink and orange colors. You can also tie in the desert landscape with rich tones of natural sand, soft pinks, and purples to draw in the hues of a desert sunset. Giving out a succulent or cactus is an easy favor idea as well.

Ducky / Rubber Ducky

A ducky theme can be a delightful way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one. As a gender-neutral theme, it can work whether the parents-to-be are expecting a boy, girl, or want it to be a surprise! Rubber duckies are an adorable way to decorate the space and can be given to the parents after the party is over for those baby baths to come. Blue, white, and yellow make this theme a bright and fun option for a baby shower theme.

Ladybug / Little Lady

Ladybugs are one of the cutest of all the little critters, and they make a great base for a spring-themed baby shower. Typically ladybug-themed baby showers are reserved for parents who are expecting a girl. The red and black theme colors can make for a fun yet classy baby shower theme.

Little Cutie / Little Cuties

How sweet are those juicy little clementines? Their bright orange color is perfect for a gorgeous baby shower decor. The clementines will make a sweet mimosa for guests, and you can dip the slices in dark chocolate for a tasty treat. Adding a line about celebrating our 'little cutie' on the invitation and thank you cards will tie this theme together easily.

Little Sprinkle

A little sprinkle theme is usually for a baby shower that is celebrating the second or third child, but you can run with this idea if you would like. Having polka-dotted balloons, a sprinkled cake, or even sprinkled donuts can be a fun baby shower theme. You can incorporate sprinkles into your games with a guess how many sprinkles are in the jar.

Llama Mama

Llama llama she is gunna be a mama! Similar to the cactus theme, this llama mama baby shower has a bright color palette of teal greens, pinks, golds, and blues. Decorate with fringe on the tables and aloe plants as the centerpieces, and you can get creative with this adorable boho theme, which is a great gender-neutral option.

Mommy-to-Bee / Baby-to-Bee / Daddy-to-Bee / Sweet-as-Can-Bee

This shower theme is as sweet as can bee! The yellow, brown, and black color palette is easily incorporated into any baby shower decor. Sunflowers and honeycombs are an adorable way to bring this theme to life. Adding 'Mommy to Be' as a cake topper, baby's breath as centerpieces, and using Burt's Bee's lip balm as party favors are fun ways to add a little sweetness to your celebration.

Peter Rabbit

A Peter Rabbit theme based on the beloved books by Beatrice Potter can be a really classic way to welcome the new little one. The soft tones and colors from the illustrations in the book can help to guide the decor for the shower. Have a guest book that looks like the front cover of the Peter Rabbit book or a sign reading 'The tale of Megan becoming a mother' to make the shower unique. Add watering cans with a floral arrangement for centerpieces, and this springtime garden party theme will be complete.


April showers, May flowers, and lots of beautiful rainbows too! Rainbows are a great theme for a spring baby shower. Think clouds, sprinkles, and bright rainbow colors that can make a soft and pretty party theme or a bold and lively party theme! With rainbows, you can choose the shades you want and create the mood to go along with them! This can be a great shower for a gender-neutral baby shower and a really fun theme if you are offering an all-ages baby shower - kids love rainbows!

Taco 'bout a Baby

A taco-themed baby shower can be a real fiesta! A welcome sign saying 'Holy Guacamole, we are having a baby!' can greet your guests, and instead of margaritas, you could name them 'mama-ritas' for the spiked ones and 'baby-ritas' for the virgin drinks. Creating a build your own taco bar for your meal and having mini pinatas are a cute favor idea; you can really go all out with the taco 'bout a baby shower idea!

Tea Party

An elegant and classic tea party is a wonderful baby shower theme. Have a 'tea with the mommy to be' banner or cake topper, teapot centerpieces with pink and white flowers, mini tea sandwiches, and french vanilla macaroons or strawberry tartlets to show off your delicate side. Add in bags of loose leaf tea for party favors and tea sets for the guests to drink from, and you will be all set.

Up, Up and Away

Another simple yet elegant gender-neutral theme is the 'up, up, and away' one. The theme incorporates hot air balloons, fluffy clouds, vertical stripes, and triangle banners. Keep the vintage vibe by using milk-bottle-type glasses, white roses for the centerpieces, and gold-colored invitations. Use a chalkboard sign at the front of your party saying 'Up, Up, and Away! Baby Jones is on the way!' to add some whimsy and delight as well.

You Are My Sunshine

A sunshine theme is always a winner with its bright white and yellow colors. It is an awesome baby shower to host if you are planning an early or brunch option for the celebration. A lovely breakfast spread of fruits, juice and optional mimosas can be a lovely way to celebrate!