All About Push Presents

All About Push Presents

30th Sep 2019

Got questions about push presents? We’ve got answers!

What is a push present?

A push present is a growing trend where a family member, spouse or partner gifts the mother a present, often called a push present or a push gift. While it’s called a push present, it is still meant for any woman who is having a baby – even if she has a caesarean.

Who gives the mom a push present?

Typically, the spouse or partner of the mother giving birth is the one who will give the mother a push gift. However, anyone who wants to gift the mother something special for enduring a pregnancy is welcome to give a push gift. Some mothers even choose to give themselves a push gift for taking on the task of creating a human, so whatever your relation or even if you are the new mother, a push gift can be given by anyone.

Why give the Mother a push present?

A push present is given as a way to thank the mother for creating a human, then bringing that human into this world. A pregnancy can be a challenging time for a woman and can involve morning sickness, exhaustion and a big change in her body to accommodate a growing baby. As no other person in the family must undergo such a physically demanding task, a push gift is a way to say “thank you.”

When do you give the mother a push present?

A push present can be presented before, after or even during the birth of a child. There is no traditional time or place where you are expected to gift a new mom her push gift. It can be when the time is right, although it is usually given around the time of birth.

What’s the difference between a push gift and a baby shower gift?

A push present is different than a baby shower gift because it is a gift specifically for the mother whereas baby shower gifts are typically items to either help the parents-to-be prepare for a new baby or gifts for the baby themselves. A push present is often a more luxurious or sentimental gift whereas a baby shower gift is often more practical.

What are some examples of a push gift?

As push gifts defy tradition, it is up to the gift giver to decide what would make a great push gift. Among celebrities, a push gift could be a brand new car or expensive jewelry. Although a push gift can also be personalized jewelry that signifies something special about the new child, mom or family – such as a necklace with birthstones of the family members or an engraved message from the gift giver to the mom.

Do push gifts have to be expensive?

Push gifts do not have to be expensive. As with any gift, it is the thought that counts. Some of the most beloved push gifts are those with thought behind it, which do not have to be expensive. A personalized coffee mug with her favorite coffee blend, a new comfy robe and pair of slippers, a new camera for capturing special moments – there are plenty of push gift ideas that don’t need to break the bank, but will be cherished for a long time.