Awesome Coed Baby Shower Games

Awesome Coed Baby Shower Games

20th Mar 2020

More and more parents-to-be are opting to have a co-ed baby shower rather than the more traditional baby shower where only women are invited. With a coed shower, the partners are invited, and usually it is open to whole families, and so kids and extended family members.

The upcoming arrival of a new little one is a time to celebrate and as partners and spouses are a big part of bringing the little one to the world, it makes sense that more and more baby showers are including more than just the mom-to-be in the event. The bigger the better as far as celebrations go!

With a coed baby shower and even baby showers with guests of all ages, you may be wondering what type of baby shower games and activities you could have ready for guests. Here are some ideas for you to consider when planning out your next event.

Clay / Play-doh Babies (All ages)

play-doh baby making contest is a hilarious game that is perfect for guests of all ages. Even a four-year old knows what to do with play-doh!

You will need some play-doh (or clay) for each participant, a small paper plate and a piece of paper (or index card) so participants can title their creation and sign their name, this is optional but could be really fun.

Each participant will be given a certain amount of time to sculpt a baby from the play-doh - maybe five to ten minutes or you can play it by ear. The baby can be realistic, it can be cartoonish, it can be at any stage of development. After the time is up, the parents-to-be will be able to choose the winner! There can be even be different categories so you can have multiple winners.

Name that Baby Food (Ages 8 and up)

Name that Baby Food is a fun game where participants taste unidentified jars of baby food and try to guess what flavor it is.

For this game, you will need several jars (or baby food pouches that you can squeeze out into a bowl), some blank paper for participant to write down their guesses, small bowls (if you are squeezing baby food pouches for the flavors instead of jars), and lots of small spoons or popsicle sticks so participants can give the food a taste, then toss.

Before you set up the game, make sure that know what flavors each jar contains before taking off the label. Numbering the jars and creating an answer key for yourself may be a good way to keep track of things. Give participants a chance to taste the different options and write down their answers - the person with the most correct answers wins!

This can also be a passive game, so you can have the game elements and instructions out so that people know what to do, then they can play the game when they want, and only those that want to play can. If you're keeping the game out, then you should have a basket where participants can fold up their answer sheets then place it in the basket.

Price is Right (Ages 12 and up)

The Price is Right game is a fun games for players ages 12 and up - maybe 8 and up depending on your audience. In this game, participants are given a list of common baby items, like baby onsies, baby diapers and wipes, then they try to guess how much these items cost. Then they add up their answers and the closest person to the actual grand total wins the game!

This game requires a bit of research on the part of the host before the event. They will need to either check online or check in the stores for common prices for these items, so that they have an accurate idea of the actual grand total.

Another option for this game is for the host to purchase these items, then have them on display for participants to make their guesses. When the host is ready to announce the real prices, they can create a big price tag with the price on it to make the big reveal more dramatic.

After the game, all of the items can be given to the new parents!

Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy (Adults)

With so many baby showers going co-ed, a "Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy" game is a great game for a baby shower where there are mostly adult guests who know the couple well.

It asks guests to choose whether they think the mommy- or daddy-to-be is the answer to a series of questions. For example, the game may ask who wants more kids or who was the more challenging teenager and so on. At the end of the game, the parents reveal the answer to the questions, and the person with the most answers correct wins.

Baby Charades (Adults)

Baby shower charades is a hilarious game that will have guests breaking out their camera phones!

In this game, you will have your participants break up into two teams. Each team gets a chance to pull a clue out of a hat and try to act it out for their team. They will take turns and try to act out as many clues as possible within a certain amount of time (usually a minute or two), then they get to add up their points. Now the other team gets their turn!

Play until each team gets the same amount of rounds, maybe two or three depending on how many clues you have available, and the team with the most points wins!

This may be a better game for adults and maybe teens - it just depends on the clues that you have for the game. You want to make sure that each of your participants know what each clue is about so they feel comfortable playing.

Bobbing for Nipples (Adults)

Bobbing for nipples is an awesome game for a coed baby shower that is outdoors. For this game you will need a dozen and a half bottle nipples, a big container that can be filled with water and a blindfold.

Those participants who want to play will be blindfolded, then given a chance to bob for as many nipples they can for a certain amount of time, then the next player gets their turn. After everyone has a chance to play, the player who bobbed and got the most nipples wins!

Diaper the Balloon (Adults)

Diaper the balloon is a fun game where teams try to diaper as many balloons as they can within a certain amount of time. For this game, you will need a lot of balloons blown up to amount the same size, dozens of cloth diapers, and lots of diaper pins.

Game participants will do their best to diaper a balloon with a diaper pin without popping the balloon - and while ensuring that the diaper actually stays on the balloon! This can be a very funny and challenging game that your guests will love.

The team who has diapered the most amount of balloons successfully will win!

With the popularity of coed baby showers on the rise, the more fun it will be to find games that will work for guests of all ages. We hope some of the game ideas above have sparked some inspiration for you as you plan your next baby shower.