Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games

Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games

30th Mar 2020

Baby showers and baby sprinkles are a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little one while also allowing family and friends to get together. Baby showers can be small intimate affairs with just close family and friends or they can be big get-togethers with family, friends, co-workers and more!

If you are planning a big baby shower with lots of people who may not know each other well or at all, then you might consider offering an ice breaker game or two to get your guests mingling!

Here are some great ice breaker games to help bring your guests together!

Can You Find the Guest?

Finding common interests or finding interesting facts about another person are a surefire way to get some conversations going and a "Can you find the guest?" game does just that! The idea of the game is to find a guest who can answer yes to one of the statements.

For example, the game asks the player to find someone who has a tattoo or knows more than one language. Once the person is found, the player writes their name the blank. The person who is able to get them all first - or at least the most by the end of the event wins!

Can you find the guest? Ice breaker baby shower game

This is a great game because the prompts encourage guests to start a conversation. If a player finds someone with a tattoo, they might inquire what inspired the tattoo or if they have more than one tattoo - and viola a conversation starter! If the player finds someone who knows more than one language they might inquire how they learned their second language - in fact, the pair might actually know the same second language!

Don't Say "Baby"

"Don't Say Baby" is another great game that encourages eavesdropping and interrupting conversations - in a good way!

In this game, each arriving guest gets a pin. As the event progresses, if one guest overhears another saying the word "baby," then they are allowed to take the pin from that guest and keep it with their own. The person who ends up with the most pins at the end of the event wins.

Don't Say Baby Baby Shower Games

Not only is this a good game to play with adults and allows people the chance to join conversations easily - it's also a great game for players of all ages! Kids, tweens and teens can really get into this game because it's easy and ongoing.

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What are you?

"What are you?" is a twist on the a common ice breaker game "Who am I?" In this game, guests have a baby-related item written on a piece of baby attached to their back with a bit of tape. The guests do not know what their item is and must rely on asking other guest yes or no questions hoping that they can guess what they are.

For example, a person may have the word "baby car seat" - and so they can ask other guests yes or no questions like: Am I used to change a baby's diaper? No. Am I used to bathe a baby? No. Am I used to feed the baby? No. Am I used to travel with a baby? YES! And so on...

The first person to guess their item wins! And the guests can continue to play if they'd like.

Who Knows Mommy or Daddy Best?

Will you have a lot of people who know the parents-to-be well attending the baby shower? Then consider this fun game that's all about the parents-to-be! Who Knows Mommy Best and Who Knows Daddy Best are excellent games for bringing a crowd together.

This might not be a traditional ice breaker game, but it can be a great way for guests to share with one another how much they know the parents-to-be. Warning, this can get hyper competitive as people will work to show much they know about the guests of honor.

Ahoy Guess Who Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game

There are also games that just focus on the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be, which would be great if you are hosting a baby shower where just the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be will be present.