Best Baby Shower Game Prizes

Best Baby Shower Game Prizes

26th Jun 2020

If you're playing some baby shower games at your next event, make sure that you have great baby shower game prizes ready to go! If you're planning on lots of games, then make sure you have plenty of prizes.

When figuring out how many prizes to have ready, you should know how many games you are planning, and also how many winners you may have for each game.

For example, if you are hosting a baby shower BINGO game and you want your guests to keep playing even after there is a winner, then you may end up with several winners (especially if the mommy-to-be has LOTS of presents to open!), so you want to be prepared for that.

If you are hosting team games - like baby shower charades or diaper the balloon, then you should make sure that you have enough prizes for everyone one that plays on the team.

If you are having an all-women baby shower, then your prizes could be geared toward women. If you're having a coed baby shower, then remember to get prizes that both men or women would like. For an all ages shower, you want to make sure that you have prizes that even kids and teens may like.

Small DIY Gift Basket

Cute little DIY gift baskets can also make a great baby shower prize and you can make several so that all of your prizes are the same. Your gift baskets can have a core theme, such as self care that may include a sleeping mask, bubble bath, loofah, little bottle of wine, etc... Or a night at the movie gift basket with gift certificate to the movies, popcorn, candies, etc...

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a great little gift that would work for both men and women. Scented candles can be found at a variety of stores and there are even stores that specialize in candles. If your event is taking place around the holidays, then some cozy, holiday-inspired candles may be perfect.

If you're having a themed baby shower, then you can even wrap the candles in way to add some flair to your theme and serve as some baby shower decor before given as a prize.

For example, if you're hosting a little cutie themed baby shower, then wrapping the candles in a pretty printed orange cloth with some flower wire and silk green leaves would make for a cute presentation and can be placed all over the event to add to the theme.

S'more Kits

Are you hosting a summertime or fall baby shower? Give your guests something to look forward to with a cute smores kit so they can make some yummy treats at home.

A mason jar with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows is all you'll need. Dress up the jar with some ribbon and viola a great baby shower prize. This baby shower game prize will definitely go over well if you have kids and teens playing!

Homemade Eats & Treats

Goodies are always welcomed gifts! You can bake and create a variety of treats for your winners and put them in a decorative tin. Or if you are a jam making fool, then make a batch with special labels as baby shower gifts. Nothing beats some homemade treats!

Tumbler/Coffee Mug & Treats

A great unisex gift can also be a reusable water bottle or coffee thermos filled with candies - both fun and practical for either a man or a woman.

Picture Frame

Picture frames also make a great gift for baby shower games. If you're thinking of picture frames, then you might consider ones that are neutral in design, like a nice wood or metal frame - this way the frame can fit a range of styles.

Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

Adult coloring books are a great way to relax the mind and calm the spirit. There is a lovely variety of coloring books that can be found at most book stores or art supplies stores. Pair a coloring book with a pack of high quality colored pencils, and you have yourself a nice baby shower prize.

Cute Mug + Coffee/Tea

A cute mug with an assortment of coffee or tea inside makes an adorable prize for baby showers. If you need more than one prize, then you can easily buy a variety of mug styles with the same assortment inside, dress it up with a ribbon and bow, then let the winners choose which much they'd like!

Summer Beach/Pool Party Gifts

If you are having a summertime baby shower bash, then consider putting together little beach gift bags for your guests. The beach bags can include sunscreen, reusable water bottle or tumbler, lip gloss, visor and more. A cute display of items that serve a functional purpose for summer fun.

Soap Set

A beautiful soap set can also make a lovely baby shower game prize. There are so many specialty soaps available that boutique stores that you might find a set of petal soaps, handmade soaps or even soaps from other countries. A lovely set of soaps and a spiffy soap dish can be a fun prize to have available.


If you're hosting a Baby-Q or a backyard baby shower party, then a little BBQ kit could be a fun prize for your game winners. Kits can include an assortment of BBQ sauces, BBQ utensils, cute BBQ kitchen towels and more.

Mani and Pedi Kit

If you're hosting an all-women baby shower, then manicure and pedicure kits can make great prizes. Find a cool container, mason jar, clear tumbler, or big decorative mug, then fill it with all the supplies one would need for a manicure and pedicure, nail file, variety of nail polish, etc...

Bottle of Wine and Wine Charms

A nice bottle of wine and set of wine charms can make a great prize if you have a lot of wine drinkers in the attendance. A nice pinot noir or chardonnay with cute wine charms would make a nice pair of gifts for your baby shower game winners.

If you're expecting more than one winner, then a variety of wine and charms would be nice so your winners can choose their favorite. Throwing in a bottle of champagne can also add to the variety.

Gift Cards from Local Businesses

Do you have a favorite non-Starbucks coffee shop that you love going to? Or a hidden breakfast spot that has a killer brunch menu?

Rather than the usual big-box or Starbucks gift card, consider supporting a small local business by getting a gift card or gift certificate from them as a baby shower prize. Introduce your guests to a new place and support a local business at the same time - it's a win-win!

Gift Cards for Women

Gift cards are no-brainer prizes for baby shower games. Gift cards for women can focus on make-up, self-care or a popular department store.

Gift Card for Men and/or Women

Gender neutral gift cards can be for local coffee shops, popular big-box stores in the area, gift cards to movie theaters or even local restaurants.