Best Diaper Raffle Prizes

Best Diaper Raffle Prizes

23rd Mar 2020

Diaper raffles are becoming a popular trend to help parents stock up on one of the most essential supplies needed for a newborn: diapers! A diaper raffle is when a guest brings a pack of diapers to a baby shower in exchange for a raffle ticket. If a person brings more than one pack of diapers, then they get another raffle ticket - so the more packs they bring, then the more chances they will have to win the prize!

A diaper raffle prize is usually a bigger than regular baby shower game prizes because people are exchanging a pack of diapers for a ticket, so you want the diaper raffle prize to be at least equal or more than a pack of diapers. A good-sized pack of diapers usually goes for around $50, so you want a prize worth at least that much (or more), so people feel good about it.

While gift cards are easy prizes, if you have the time, consider putting together a gift basket for your diaper raffle prize winner! Here are some themed gift basket ideas to spark some inspiration:

Spa Gift Basket

If  your guest list is full of women who deserve some self-care, then a spa gift basket can the perfect answer! It can include a bath robe, massage bath brush, natural loofah, wooden pumice brush, face mask, special soaps, lotions, a small candle and bottle of wine.

Movie Night Gift Basket

A movie night gift basket is perfect if you are hosting an all-ages baby shower because movie nights are great for families! Your DIY movie night gift basket can include popcorn, movie theatre candies, big popcorn bowl, flavored salts, gift certificates to a local movie theater or gift card to local big box store so the winner can buy a new movie (or whatever they'd like).

Gardening Gift Basket

If you have a lot of gardeners coming to the baby shower, then a lovely gardening gift basket can make a great baby shower diaper raffle prize. For the container, you can use a gardening tool bag and inside you can include gardening gloves, knee pad, gardening hat, small potted flowers, a watering can and more.

BBQ Gift Basket

Having a coed baby shower? Or a Baby-Q shower backyard bash? Then consider making a great BBQ-themed gift basket for your diaper raffle prize. A BBQ gift basket can include a funny apron, assortment of BBQ sauces, BBQ utensils, a BBQ cookbook, six-pack of beer, and more.

Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket

A breakfast in bed themed gift basket can be an awesome prize to win for a diaper raffle. The gift basket can include pancake/waffle mix, bottle of maple syrup, gourmet coffee and specialty teas, flavored creamers, a new mug, pastries and more.

Jet Setter Gift Basket

Have a some travelers in the group? Considering making a gift basket that's perfect for a jet setter. The gift basket can include a traveling pillow, nice passport holder, sleeping mask, earbuds, travel journal and pen, portable charger, reusable water bottle or coffee thermos, and some mints and candy.

If you're not too into making your own gift basket, here are some other ideas for you to consider:

Tickets and Gear to a Local Sports Team Event

If your town has a local sports team, then a two-pack or four-pack of tickets to a game, plus some gear could be a great diaper raffle prize - especially if your audience is co-ed or full of sports fanatics.

Gift Card to a Local Restaurant and Bottle of Wine

Is there a hip new restaurant that everyone is talking about? Do you have a lot of couples attending the baby shower that could use a romantic night out? Considering selecting a nice restaurant in town and offering a gift certificate for dinner and a nice bottle of wine.

Picnic Basket with all the Gear and Bottle of Champagne

For a spring or summer baby shower, it might be the perfect weather to enjoy a picnic outside. For a diaper raffle prize, you can offer a nice picnic basket with all the gear for picnic like plates, glasses, napkins, utensils included, then add a nice bottle of champagne. This is the perfect recipe for a nice afternoon out for a couple or a family.