Best Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Themes

Best Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Themes

3rd Jul 2020

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular. Often times a gender reveal party may be a small gathering before a baby shower where the parents-to-be find out the sex of their baby around close family and friends or sometimes the big reveal is announced at a baby shower.

Revealing if the baby will be a boy or a girl at a baby shower can be a fun and exciting part of the event and there are a lot of neat themes that you can use to get guests excited.

Here's a list of fun gender reveal themes to consider if you will be hosting one:

He or She-esta?

Taco 'bout a baby! A fiesta themed baby shower is all the rage right now! Who wouldn't want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a taco bar? If you love the idea of a fiesta type baby shower, you can add a gender reveal twist by making it a "He or She-esta" party. 

Another gender reveal twist to the fiesta theme is throwing a "Senor or Seniorita" party - where tacos can still be part of the baby shower menu.

Mickey or Minnie?

Disney themed baby showers are nothing new, but a "Mickey or Minnie" themed gender reveal party can be a fun way to take a favorite theme and use it to announce whether the parents will be having a boy or a girl!

Prince or Princess?

A royal baby shower is perfect for welcoming a new little one into the world whether it will be a prince or princess can be revealed at the event. A royal baby shower theme is a wonder excuse to go all out luxe for the event. 

Champagne for the guests (mocktails for the mommy-to-be), decadent treats and a lavishly decorated space can be just what the parents-to-be need to feel pampered as they transition into parenthood. Throw in an exciting gender reveal will certainly take the event up a notch and your guests will be thrilled to be part of this amazing experience.

Ready to Pop

A ready to pop theme can be lots of fun for an all ages or coed baby shower. Think balloons, popping bottles, popcorn snacks, bubbles, bubble gum and more! This colorful theme is definitely a great one for also hosting a gender reveal. With so many gender reveal options available, the classic popping of a balloon to reveal pink or blue confetti remains a classic and it works seamlessly with a ready to pop theme.

Staches or Lashes

Staches or lashes can be fun gender reveal theme for a diva couple who want to have a cool and hip baby shower event. Mustaches are always cool and lashes are always in style - so pairing up the two in a gender reveal event can be a no brainer!

Team Pink or Team Blue

Team Pink or Team Blue is a probably one of the classic gender reveal themes because it's simple and straightforward. With a team themed party, you can have your guests choose their team by wearing a pin, button or party necklace - and the great reveal will determine which "team" wins! 

If you're hosting baby shower games, you can consider lots of "team" oriented games like diaper the balloon or baby shower charades, and have the guests on their chosen team work together on the different games.

Touchdowns or Tutus

Football and ballet - a cute contrast to what boys and girls may be into turned into a gender reveal party. Perfect for a fall baby shower, especially if your guests are big football fans.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, how we wonder what you are

Twinkle, twinkle little star is a lovely gender neutral baby shower theme that can definitely work as a gender reveal theme. You can still enjoy the gender neutral elements of the theme like twinkly decorations of gold and silver, stars and moonlight decor, and sweet treats. Then having the big reveal to share with all of the guests will just be a nice addition to already adorable baby shower theme.

Waddle it be?

Waddle it be? A cute ducky theme for your gender reveal can be a sweet way to share whether the parents are having a boy or a girl. The classic rubber ducky theme is perfect for a spring or summertime baby shower event. Little duckies with blue and pink bows can adorn your event, and the big reveal will have your guests so excited.

Rubber Ducky Invites

What's the Scoop?

Everyone wants to know the scoop! Especially about whether the baby is a boy or a girl! So an ice cream themed baby shower can be just about the sweetest way to make the big announcement. Ice cream, cones, sprinkles and color decorations are all you need to get this fun theme off to a great start. 

For the big reveal, you can have an ice cream cake ready with blue or pink colored ice cream and cake in the middle.

What will it Bee?

A bee themed baby shower event with the theme "What will it bee?" is an adorable way to include the gender reveal as part of the event. As mommy-to-bee and honey bee themed showers are a popular theme in the springtime, there will be no shortage of party ideas for decorations, favors and party games.

Mommy to bee baby shower invites

Wheels or Heels

Wheels or heels is a fun gender reveal theme because the two ideas are in such a contrast with one another. Have fun decorating with wheels and heels throughout. Give your guests a choice between a button featuring wheels or heels to wear if they want to cast their vote for a boy or a girl. 

This can be a great theme for coed all-ages baby shower - have a station for kids to play with hot wheels and have a pampering station for whoever wants to self-care! This theme is sure to be unforgettable!

You are my Sunshine

A sunshine baby shower theme is a classic baby shower theme by itself, but including a fun gender reveal event at the baby shower can make it much more special. A sunshine theme is perfect for a spring or summertime shower or a baby shower that's being hosted in the morning or brunch hours.

    You are my sunshine baby shower invite


With bright decor and cute sunshines and rainbows sprinkled throughout, this is a theme that is sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces. And finding out if it's a boy or girl is certainly going to bring even more smiles!

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