Bobbing for Nipples - Hilarious Coed Baby Shower Game

Bobbing for Nipples - Hilarious Coed Baby Shower Game

11th May 2020

Looking for an outrageous game to play at your next coed baby shower? Consider playing Bobbing for Nipples.

You've heard of Bobbing for Apples, right? Well, this is the same game idea but with a baby twist! Replace those apples with slippery baby bottle nipples and pacifiers, then you got yourself a insta-worthy baby shower game.

This is a great game for big crowds! Not everyone will play, but a big crowd will definitely hype things up and it's a super funny game to play at a coed baby shower.

Unlike some baby shower games, you will need some space for this game - preferably a space that is water-friendly, like a backyard, patio or other outdoor area. If you are already planning an outdoor shower like a baby-q or a pool party themed baby shower, then Bobbing for Nipples will fit right in!

For the game you will need a big tub or container for the water, around 15-20 baby bottle nipples or pacifiers (possibly more depending how many people you think will play) and a stopwatch (you can probably use a stopwatch app on your smartphone just fine). Oh, and you probably want some clean towels nearby for those brave guests who choose to play.

If you have perused the baby shower registry of the parents-to-be and they've asked for a big baby, then that might be a great container for the game (and a very fitting one, too!). Otherwise, you could use a big shallow tub (think under the bed storage tub) or maybe even super wide punch bowl.

You want to make sure that the container is shallow enough where people can dunk their heads in easily and big enough where you can include all the nipples and pacifiers (yet not too big that the pacifiers are floating far and wide - out of reach of the player). 

You also want to make sure that you can put the container on a table high surface so that people do not have to bend down too far to get to the container.

For the nipples and pacifiers, you can look online and search for "bulk nipples" and "bulk pacifiers" which will sometimes give you a better price than if you were to buy them individually or in pairs.

How to Play Bobbing for Nipples

Bobbing for Nipples should definitely be a voluntary game - not everyone goes to a baby shower prepared to dunk their faces into a tub of water! So before you play the game, spread the news about the game with your guests, then when the time comes, you can get some volunteers.

When a player is ready to play, let them know that they are not allowed to use their hands whatsoever when playing. If you want to be extra sure that they won't use their hands, then you could tie their hands loosely behind their back when it's their turn.

For each player, you will give them a certain amount of time to bob and catch as many nipples/pacifiers as they can. You might give them 45 seconds to a minute for their turn. Make sure there's space or even an empty container near the dunking container where they can put their captured nipples, so they know what to do during their turn.

If you are expecting a fairly large crowd (and perhaps a very competitive crowd), and you think that you might have a lot of players who want a turn, then you might consider splitting the players who want to play into teams, then the team who gets the most wins! This can be a great way to spark even more competition! If you are expecting a lot of players, then you want might also reduce the time that each player gets to play, and increase the number of nipples that you have on hand.

To keep it fair, you could include a certain amount of nipples for each turn, then replenish them before the next player. For example, if the first player has 10 nipples in the tub and gets three, then replace those three with three new nipples so that next player has the same amount of nipples to start - this will keep the game fair.

Bobbing for Nipples Baby Shower Game Prizes

This is one baby shower game where the winner definitely deserves a prize! For the winner, you can offer a nice set of kitchen towels or a set of bath goodies for them to take home. A nice fruit basket could be a cute gift and play off the traditional "bobbing for apples" game. If you are expecting a crowd that enjoys adult beverages, then a variety pack of beer or a couple bottles of wine would be a great gift.

If you are splitting your players into teams, then you want to make sure that each person on the team gets a prize. Unisex tumblers filled with treats is always a winning prize. A coffee mug with an assortment of k-pods or tea bags is also a nice gift that would work for either men or women.

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