Build a Library with Book Request Cards

Build a Library with Book Request Cards

12th Jun 2020

"Books for Baby" request cards are always a great way to help the parents-to-be build a library for their little one. Book request cards are simple little cards (usually the size of a business card) that you can slip into the baby shower invitation.

The card usually reads something like, "One small request, we hope it's not hard, can you bring a book instead of a card? Either well-loved or brand new, and please sign your book so we know it's from you!"

Baby-q BBQ Books for baby request cards  You Are My Sunshine Books for Baby Book Request Cards

It's a cute and simple way to encourage your guests to forgo a card and pick up a book instead. For many parents, a book may be preferred over a congratulatory card because a book is a gift that keeps on giving whereas eventually a greeting card may be lost or thrown away. With the price of some greeting cards nowadays, it may be comparable to getting a book!

For little ones, board books are best because their pages are made of sturdy cardboard and can withstand a lot of handling from babies and toddlers. Board books can be purchased online anywhere from $3.50 - $15 - depending on the book. 

Many classic books for children come in the form of a board book, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (going for about $6 on Amazon as of this writing), and Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton (going for $3.50 on Amazon).

There are a lot of fun choices for baby books that your guests may be taken down memory lane as they look for a book for the new little one. Besides the classics, there are inexpensive lift-a-flap books, slightly more expensive pop-up books, and a ton of choices for early learning books that may focus on colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more.

Buying a book instead of a card should be fairly easy for your guests, so don't feel as though they would have to go out of their way. Board books and children's book can be found at most big box stores. If your guests are library goers, lots of libraries have used book stores where they can find a gently used book for a very reasonable price.

Or maybe your guest has some children's books from their own children that aren't being read anymore - maybe they've grown out of the books or the have other favorite books - what better way to give an old book some new life by gifting it to another child?

Lumberjack Buffalo Plaid books for baby cards  Little Lady Ladybug Books for Baby Request Cards

By requesting a book instead of a card, you maybe be filling up a whole shelf full of a variety of books for the little one. The parents will be forever grateful, and when the little one arrives, they will certainly find hours of entertainment just within the pages of some of those books. 

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