Cactus Baby Shower Games Coming Soon!

Cactus Baby Shower Games Coming Soon!

18th Mar 2020

Welcome the new little one with a fun cactus themed baby shower event! 

Cute little cacti are a great way to celebrate a growing family. With theme colors of green, yellow and pink, it's easy to decorate this event for a welcoming a little girl, boy or keep it gender neutral. A southwestern theme can also compliment this trending theme.

If you have your heart set on a cactus theme for your next event, then bring it reality with these adorable cactus theme baby shower games and activities.

Guess Who Mommy or Daddy?

Planning a coed cactus soiree? Consider this super fun coed game that is all about the mommy- and daddy-to-be. In this game the guests are asked a series of questions, then they will need to guess whether they think it is the mommy- or daddy-to-be that describes the question.

For example, the games asks who is the tidier parent? Guests will have to decide if they think mom is tidier than dad or vice versa. After they complete all the questions, the parents will reveal the answers and the person who guessed the most correctly, wins!

This is an awesome game for a coed crowd that knows that parents well or not! You may have someone who guessed the answers to all of them and maybe got them right. Either way, this is a game that is sure to make some people laugh and even possibly challenge the correct answers.

Advice for the Parents-to-be

Looking for a sweet keepsake for the parents-to-be? Consider offering guests advice cards that they can fill out for the parents-to-be. These adorable cactus themed advice cards feature a sweet cacti family. It offers plenty of space for the guest to write down their advice and well wishes for the parents, and a spot where they can sign their name.

Advice cards are wonderful way to extend the love beyond just the baby shower event. The parents can read them after the event and then again and again. The cards will be a great keepsake for the parents as they grow into their new roles.

Depending on your baby shower audience, you might even consider having the parents read some of the advice aloud (for guests who wouldn't mind it). This exchange of advice can be a great bonding experience for the attendees of the event. Some of the advice might elicit some tears of happiness and love and other might garner some laughter from the crowd. Regardless, it will be a memorable experience for everyone.

Baby Shower BINGO

Add some fun to the baby shower with a classic baby shower BINGO game! 

This is a simple game where each guest is given a game sheet and pen. They will fill in the squares with items that they think the parents-to-be will receive. They can add common baby items like onsies, stuffed animal, gift card, diapers and more. Don't forget they can also add the gift that they brought for the parents-to-be. Once everyone has their cards filled out, the gift opening can begin!

As gifts are opened, guests a can mark out the ones that match their BINGO card. The first guest to get five horizontal, vertical or diagonal wins! Depending on how many prizes you will have for the game, you can keep playing until you have more winners. Since the guests will be writing out their own game sheets, no two game sheets will be alike, and so you won't likely have several winners come forward at once.

Baby shower BINGO is a great game to play during the gift opening because it will keep the guests involved throughout - really, who doesn't love prizes?

Wishes for the Baby

Wishes for the baby activity cards make a great keepsake for the parents-to-be and eventually the baby. These sweet cactus themed wishes for baby cards offer short prompts that guests can complete to offer their advice for the new little one.

The prompts can encourage guests to reflect on their own lives and offer their sage advice for the little one to come. If there are some comedians in the crowd, then you may find some funny advice sprinkled throughout.

These cards can make a great substitution for a guest book and will become treasured items as time goes on.

More cactus themed games and activities

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