Guess Mommy's Belly Size Baby Shower Game

Guess Mommy's Belly Size Baby Shower Game

16th Apr 2020

Guessing the mom-to-be's belly or waist size is an easy game to put together for your next baby shower event as it only requires minimal supplies. But this is definitely a game that you will want to run by your mom-to-be.

For some women, being pregnant and experiencing such a drastic change in their body can be a sensitive issue and a source of anxiety, especially as the baby starts to grow along with their belly.

So you really want to make sure that your mom-to-be is okay with playing this game because the last thing you want is to include a game that will upset your guest of honor. If you are unsure about how she will feel about the game, then it might be best just to find another game. There are plenty of other easy baby shower games that you can ch oose instead of this one.

If you run the idea by the mom-to-be and she's all in, then by all means, proceed!

How to Play Guess Mommy's Belly Size

In this game, you will need a skein of yarn, or big spool of thread, or some rolls of streamers - something that people can use to make their guesses - along with a pair of scissors and pen. If you are using yarn or string for the guesses, then you might also need some masking tape (or some sort of tag) so people can write their name and attach it to their guess. 

In this game, guests will take a length of what they think will be the measurement of the mom-to-be's belly if it were measured right around her middle. Once the guests cuts their length of string, they can label it, then put it aside.

This does not have to be a game where guests need to play at the same time. You can set the materials aside with instructions so that guests can play when they want.

Later on during the event, it will be time to figure out the winner! There are a couple of ways you can do this - if you don't have too many guests, then you can have the mom-to-be "try on" the different measurements in front of everyone, then find out who is closest. 

If there are a lot of guests, then this method of find the winner might take a long time - or if the mom-to-be doesn't feel comfortable being in the spotlight, then it might be best to choose the second way to figure out the winner. The other way would be to be have the mom "measure" her size before the event and have the winning length ready to be measured when the time comes.

Game Twist: Guess the Family Size

A twist to this game would be to have guests try to guess the measurement of the family - which could be the mom- and dad-to-be or the parents and older siblings! This could end up being a fun way to celebrate the growing family and take of the spotlight off of mommy's belly. 

If you are considering a "Guess the Family Size" game, then just make sure that you have plenty of string for your guests to use!

Prizes for Guess the Belly Size

The prizes for this game can funny if you'd like! It can be a mini-tool set with a measuring tape. It can be an assortment of candies like Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy or other types of rope candy. 

If you don't want to go the gag gift route,, consider a tumbler with a fun mix of candies, a large mug with an assortment of teas and hot cocoa, a scented candle and set of nice matches, bubble bath bombs, or some other small treat.

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