Host a Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

Host a Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

9th Apr 2020

A baby bottle chugging contest is exactly what it sounds like. Every player will be given a baby bottle of liquid and they will try to "chug" the liquid in the bottle as fast as they can - the person who finishes first wins!

This is an excellent game if you are hosting a coed baby shower because few things are funnier than watching a grown man trying to suck liquid from a baby bottle as quickly as possible! Extra hilarity points if you have a crowd of highly competitive men and women.

This can also be a great game if you are hosting a "baby is brewing" themed baby shower or a "Chuggies for Huggies" diaper sprinkle event.

How to Play the Baby Bottle Chugging Baby Shower Game

To prepare for the game, you will need a good number of baby bottles, depending on how many people you think will want to play. As this game is a bit silly, you should not expect everyone to want to play, but should have a good amount based on how many people RSVP for the event.

Typically baby bottles will come with nipples - although they will vary in the level of flow they release. For smaller bottles reserved for newborns, you will likely have very slow-flow nipples. The second level up for nipples is for older babies and often have a bigger opening for faster flow.

To keep the game fair, you should make sure that all the bottles have the same type of nipple. If you want to make the game last a long time, then slow-flow nipples would definitely work.

Next, you will need to decide what type of liquid you want to use with the contest. Again, to keep the game fair, you should be consistent in the type of liquid that you use. The liquid can be anything you'd like like water, juice, milk/chocolate milk, beer or even wine! You know your audience best, so choose the type of liquid that would go over well with your crowd.

If the parents-to-be know what type of bottles they will be using, then you might choose to buy the same types of bottles so they can be sanitized after the event and given to the parents.

After you decide on the liquid you will be using for the game, consider how much liquid to include in the bottles. All the bottles should have the same amount of liquid to keep the game fair. Thankfully, baby bottles usually have measurements along the side of the bottles so it'll be easy to "measure" the correct amount of liquid.

When deciding on how much liquid to include in the bottles, it may be tempting to just fill them all up, but then you may end up with the longest chugging contest ever! It might be best to just do a couple of ounces of liquid rather than filling the bottle to the brim.

When you're ready to host the game, you can ask for volunteers as it was mentioned before, not all attendees will likely want to play. If you have more volunteers who want to play than baby bottle available, then you may need to do a drawing of names to keep it fair.

Game Twist: If you want to make the game extra spicy, you can plug one of the bottle nipples so that no liquid escapes. This could be a great gag for a special someone in the crowd. Just make sure whoever you give the gag bottle to will be a good sport about it. If you're doing a gag bottle, then you should definitely give the poor sap who gets it a consolation prize - they most certainly will deserve it.

Baby Bottle Chugging Contest Prizes

The prizes for a baby bottle chugging contest doesn't have to be extravagant. A variety pack of beer or nice bottle of wine can be a great prize. If you want to pair the prize with a set of glasses or wine bottle accessory, then that could be an option too.