How to Choose a Baby Shower Theme

How to Choose a Baby Shower Theme

4th Apr 2019

It's time to celebrate because there's a new baby on its way! A baby shower is a great way to celebrate an upcoming arrival of a new baby and one of the first things you may need to decide when starting to plan for the baby shower is whether you would like to have a theme for the event. 

A themed baby shower can be a fun way to tie the event together by having coordinating items and activities. And a baby shower theme can be a memorable way to celebrate the parents-to-be as well.

When considering a baby shower theme, there are a few things you should think about:

Who will be invited?
Will the baby shower be co-ed? A co-ed shower means that women and their significant others will be invited. Will kids be invited, too? If you are hosting a family-friendly shower, then you may want to choose a theme that isn't overly feminine or masculine. 

For example, a fanciful tea party themed baby shower may not go over well if you're expecting a lot of tumbling tots. And a Baby is Brewing themed baby shower may not be sit well with some conservative family members and friends. 

So make sure to choose a fun family-friendly theme if you are expecting a range of people of differing ages and genders.

Are the parents-to-be having multiple baby showers?
If the parents-to-be have a large family and/or group of friends, then they might be having multiple baby showers in their honor. If you're concerned about choosing a similar theme or replicating a game or activity, then you might inquire whether they are expecting to have multiple showers, and if they are, if they know what theme the other showers may be considering. If you know the hosts of the other showers, then you may be able to ask them directly.

Focusing on the Parents-to-be
A theme that celebrates the parents-to-be and their interests is always a winner! If the parents love to hike and camp, then a woodland themed baby shower might be the perfect pick. If the parents love to travel, then an Up, Up and Away theme might fit the bill. If they are bookworms, then they may just swoon over a Build-a-Library theme. A theme that celebrates the guests-of-honor can be a great way to make the event extra special.

A Seasonal Theme
If the traditional baby shower themes that you are seeing don't interest you, then consider what season you're planning on having the shower because that may work as a great theme for the party. 

A springtime shower can be all about rainbows and raindrops. A fall shower can be all about sugar and spice and everything nice. Many seasonal showers can also work as gender neutral shower which can be perfect if the parents are choosing to be surprised.

Another advantage to choosing a seasonal theme is that there may be plenty of decorations available to choose from - whether blooming tulips in the spring or baby pumpkins in the fall. 

In addition to easily found decorations, a seasonal theme can also help you to craft a seasonal menu for the event - fresh salad and finger sandwiches in the spring or a pumpkin spice bar for the fall. There's a lot you can do when incorporating the season into your baby shower.

Morning, afternoon or evening?
The time of the baby shower may also be a consideration when thinking of a theme, especially if you are looking for a gender neutral theme idea. 

For example, a morning shower can be a You are my Sunshine theme. A late afternoon or evening baby shower can be a Twinkle, twinkle Little Star or even a Rubber Ducky theme. 

The time of the shower can also help to craft your event menu. A late morning baby shower can have brunch-style bites, and a late afternoon shower could be coffee and desserts.

Multiples Baby Shower
If the parents-to-be are expected twins or triplets, then you might want to choose a baby shower theme that works well with expecting multiples. Double the Fun and Two Peas in a Pod themes work well for expecting twins. 

For twins or more, you can pluralize a theme to include all the new arrivals, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars or Cute as Buttons. There's a lot you can do to make sure that each new little one is included in the baby shower celebration.

Gender Reveal Themes
Gender reveal parties are becoming more popular as a way for the parents-to-be to find out the sex of their baby at the same time as their family and friends. 

Usually a person close to the parents-to-be will be given information on the whether the parents-to-be will be expecting a boy or a girl, then they will incorporate the secret in a way to surprise the parents-to-be. Gender reveal parties might just be a small event with close family and friends or it might be part of the baby shower.

If it becomes part of the baby shower, then there are some great themes that would work well, such as a honey bee themed that centers around the question: "What will it bee?" Or you can do a simple Team Girl or Team Boy or Team Surprise baby shower where guests can choose what they think they baby will be or if they don't mind as long as its healthy - and then everyone can find out together.

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