How to Play Animal Gestation Baby Shower Guessing Game

How to Play Animal Gestation Baby Shower Guessing Game

6th Apr 2019

Nine months may seems like a long time to be pregnant, but did you know that elephants have a gestation period of 624 days? That's about 21 months. Now nine months may not seem that bad - unless you're the pregnant one.

The animal gestation guessing game can be a really neat game to include in your baby shower because it's not a very common baby shower game. And even if someone has played it before - are they really going to remember the gestation period of a rat or whale?

This can be a timed game so it doesn't take very long - you can decide ahead of time how long you'd like to give your guests or you can play it by ear. If you find that people are still not done after about five minutes, then maybe give everyone another minute or so.

Once everyone is done, you can have people switch their game sheets with someone else, then go over the answers as a group. That way you don't have to go through every single answer sheet to find the winner. If you are expecting a lot of guests, then having people help with checking the answers is definitely going to be a big help and timesaver.

Remember, guests are not allowed to Google for the answers - keep track of those sneaky ones!

If you are anticipating a long gift opening portion of the shower, then this could be a cool little game to allow people and the mom-to-be to take a break during the gift giving.

As it's a short game to play and it doesn't involve much more than guessing of the answers, you don't need to go overboard with a prize. A cute bag of candies or some nicely scents soaps are fine as a prize. Guests probably won't be expecting much from this quick little game.

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