How to Play Baby Name Race

How to Play Baby Name Race

5th Apr 2019

There are lots of great baby shower games that just require a game sheet and pen, and Baby Name Race is one of them! If you're looking for a quick and easy-to-explain baby shower game, then you might consider this one.

In this game, the players are given a sheet of paper with the alphabet written down one side and space next to each letter. You can create your own game sheets or just find pre-printed game sheets to print off before the baby shower. 

Each player will receive a game sheet and a pen. If you are printing off your own game sheets, then you might consider printing them on cardstock so that it's easier for guests to write on their game sheet (if they're not sitting at a table).

Once everyone has a game sheet and pen, you can explain the rules of the game and then say "go!" Players will try to write down as many common baby names as possible that correspond to each letter on their game sheet and the person that is able to write down a name for every letter of the alphabet first, wins!

This can be a very quick game that's perfect for guest of all ages! If you're hosting a family-friendly or co-ed baby shower, then it may be fun to get everyone involved and see what types of names the kiddos and teens come up with!

This can also be a great game if the parents-to-be are not quite set on a name for their little one. Maybe they will find some inspiration in the answers that their family and friends come up with!

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