How to Play Baby Shower BINGO

How to Play Baby Shower BINGO

19th Jun 2020

Baby Shower BINGO is a traditional baby shower game that would be easy to incorporate into your next baby shower. It is a game that is played during the gift opening portion of the event, so it's a great way to keep your guests engaged while the parents-to-be open their gifts.

Baby Shower BINGO Materials:

  • Baby Shower BINGO cards - blank or pre-printed
  • Pens/pencils for guests
  • Prizes for the winners

The game is simple, each guest is given a blank BINGO card and pen. A baby shower bingo card consists of a table of boxes arranged five across and five down. The middle square should be reserved for a "free space" that everyone gets automatically.

If you are providing blank BINGO sheets, then before the gifts are open, players should jot down a baby item that they think the parents-to-be will receive in each square. You should let your guests know that it's perfectly fine to put down the gifts that they brought for the new parents. Make sure to give your guests plenty of time to fill out their game sheets.

Lumberjack Buffalo Plaid Baby Shower BINGO gameRubber Ducky Baby Shower BINGO game

To help give your guests some ideas, you can have a list of baby-related items available for them to peak at when making their BINGO board. By allowing each person to make their own BINGO game sheet, you are also ensuring that no two game sheets are alike.

If you like, there are also pre-printed baby shower BINGO cards that you may be able to purchase. This will help to save time during the event as guests will not need to make their own cards.

This does not have to be a mandatory game for everyone, so you might consider having the game materials near the gift table, then making an announcement about the game before the gift opening begins. Guests who want to play will then be able to grab a card and get ready!

How to Play Baby Shower BINGO

To play the game, make sure that everyone who wants to play has their game sheet filled out and ready! Each person should have a pen or dauber ready as well. As the parents-to-be start opening gifts, the guests will mark out the items that match the ones on their game sheet. The first person to get a full row horizontal, across or diagonal wins!

If you want to have more than one winner, then you can just keep the game going until you have as many winners as you'd like.

Baby Shower BINGO Game Prizes

Prizes for this game can be something simple, like a new coffee mug filled with a variety of k-pods or tea bags, a tumbler or mason jar filled with candies, a variety pack of mints and gums - something that everyone can enjoy.

In choosing a prize, you should also consider whether your audience will be co-ed or all-ages, which might help you in deciding what type of prize to get. For a coed baby shower, a manicure or spa kit might not fare well if a guy wins and a teenager may not be too thrilled with variety of k-cup pods if they're not coffee drinkers.

So consider some gifts that are universal - gift cards are always a great option. If you think you may have more than one winner, then you might keep on extra prizes on hand - just in case.

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