Keepsake Baby Shower Activities

Keepsake Baby Shower Activities

6th Mar 2020

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate the arrival of a new little one. A baby shower brings together family and friends as they shower the parents-to-be with love and gifts. 

Usually a baby shower has different games and activities for the guests to play while they talk about the new baby . Traditional games, like baby shower BINGO and "Don't Say Baby" are fun ways to allow guests to participate in the baby shower and to mingle with one another.

A new trend with baby showers and baby sprinkles is to offer activities that result in keepsakes for the parents-to-be or for the future baby. This helps to extend the excitement of the little one beyond the event. These special activities can also work as a type of guest book that is more meaningful than just a book full of autographs.

Here are are some ideas for your next baby shower event:

Wishes for Baby

Wishes for baby cards are cards that guests fill out for the new baby. The card can either be blank lines where they write their hopes and dreams for the new little one or maybe they offer some life advice. 

Some Wishes for Baby cards have prompts to help guests get started, such as "I hope you always...." or "Never forget to....." These prompts are a great way to give guests an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and offer some advice on ways to live a full and rich life. 

It can also be a way for guests to consider what advice they would give to others from experiences where they wish things had gone differently. All in all, it's a great way for family and friends to reflect on their own experiences and put down in writing their wishes for a new baby who is yet to experience the joys of life.

While writing down Wishes for Baby can be a very sentimental keepsake for the little one, it can also be lighthearted and fun. If you have some comedians in the crowd or some young guests, they may love the idea of giving the baby some "real talk" advice on life. "I hope you always remember to flush." "Never forget to make your bed."

Bee Wishes for Baby Activity Cards

The Wishes for Baby cards can be set out during the event so guests can write down their wishes at the baby shower. If you have the cards out at the event, they can also work as a guest book for your attendees. 

Or you can send out the activity cards with the baby shower invite and guests can bring them to the event or if they are unable to attend, then they can mail them back to the parents. 

Either way, the parents-to-be will love reading the wishes and they will become a great keepsake for the baby as it grows and comes to understand the meaning behind them.

Advice for the Parents-to-Be

Becoming a new parent is unlike any other life experience. It's thrilling and scary. It's amazing and exhausting. If you are hosting a baby shower for new parents and will have lots of family and friends attending who are parents themselves, then offering guests a simple card where they can write down their advice for the new parents can be a lovely way to share their experiences with the soon-to-be parents. 

Advice cards for parents make a great keepsake for new parents and will be something that they will likely read over again and again. It is also a great substitution for a guest book.

The advice cards can be placed on a table at the event and attendees can fill them out while they are there. It can also be included in the invitation to the event which may give your guests some time to reflect on their experiences and they can bring the filled out card to the baby shower. 

If you would like to include sharing the advice cards at the shower, it might be best to offer guests two different options: Can Share versus Please read in private - that way guests can choose whether they'd like their advice read aloud or read privately by the parents. 

Sharing advice among the group is a wonderful way to bring parents together and to find those common links that arise with shared experiences, it could be a great bonding experiences for new and old friends.

Predictions and Advice Cards

With the new baby on everyone's mind, it would be fun to offer your baby shower guests a chance to predict stats all about the baby! When do people think the baby will be born? How much will the baby weigh? How long will the baby be? 

There's so much excitement revolving around a new baby that it can be a lot of fun for guests to make their own predictions. If you are planning on hosting a baby pool game for guests, this can be a fun way to have them write down their bets.

Along with predictions for the baby, many prediction cards also offer a space for guests to jot down some advice or well wishes for the new parents. The advice can be sage, sentimental or even funny, regardless, it will make a great keepsake for the parents after the baby shower is over.