Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower Games

Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower Games

13th Aug 2019

Looking for some fresh games for sweet honey bee themed baby shower? Check out these adorable matching baby shower games will be sure the be the buzz at your upcoming event.

All of these games are bee themed and feature sweet honeycombs with a mommy bee and baby bee buzzing about.

Here are some of the games available on our site for your next bee-themed baby shower:

How well do you know the Mommy-to-Bee

A great game for a close knit crowd! Do your guests know mommy’s shoe size or where she loves to shop? The person with the most correct answers wins!

Sweet-as-Can-Bee Word Search

This all-ages game is ideal if you are expecting adults, teens and kids to attend. A simple and super sweet game where guests try to find baby and bee related words in a traditional word search.

Baby Word Scramble

How fast can your guests unscramble these baby-related words? This baby shower game is great for a group who have their own kids – or make it a challenge for the non-parents in your audience!

Animal Matching Game

This game can work with guests of all ages! The object of the game is to match the name of the animal to the name of the baby animal. There’s an answer box at the bottom of the game so it’s not too challenging for your guests.

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