Name that Baby Animal Baby Shower Game

Name that Baby Animal Baby Shower Game

13th Apr 2020

We humans have the sweetest nicknames for our babies. We call them little one, sweat pea, pumpkin, bubba, doll and more! Sure, we know the technical names: newborn, infant, toddler and so on, but those common nicknames are just to cute to resist!

While we know the technical terms for human babies, what about different animal babies? Puppies and kittens, yes. But what are the names for baby elephants? Or peacocks? Or kangaroos? Testing everyone's knowledge of the names for different animal babies can be a really fun baby shower game for your next event.

If you're looking for a quick and easy game, then a "Baby Animal Matching" game can be just the thing for you! This is a great game to include if you are hosting an animal themed baby shower event, like an elephant theme or a rubber ducky theme. 

This is also a great game if you are hosting an all-ages baby shower and have a lot of kids who will be attending. Kids LOVE baby animals, so this is definitely a game that they can get behind.

If you are expecting a big crowd of adults and kiddos, then you might want to offer two prizes - one for grown-ups and one for kids so that you can ensure a kid will get at least one of the prizes.

How to Play an Animal Match Baby Shower Game

Playing an animal matching baby shower game is fairly easy. Most games will have a list of animals and the player will try to write down the name of that animal as a baby next to it. 

It may be challenging to remember all of the baby animal names and some baby animals actually share the names of their babies with others, so our game sheets include an answer key bank on it so that your guests aren't completely stumped!

Once everyone has had a chance to fill out their game sheet, the host can announce the correct answers and the person with the most correct answers wins!

Animal Matching Baby Shower Game Prizes

Prizes for this game would be awesome if they were animal related! A pair of owl salt and pepper shakers. Maybe a whale themed soap set. Perhaps a jigsaw puzzle featuring a sweet kitty. If you are offering two prizes, one for grown-ups and one for kiddos, then a fun kid prize could be a cute stuffed animal or animal themed reusable water bottle (depending on the age of the kids).

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