Super Fun Diaper the Balloon Baby Shower Game

Super Fun Diaper the Balloon Baby Shower Game

2nd Apr 2020

Diaper the balloon is a hilarious baby shower game that works great with a baby shower with a lot of guests, and especially with a coed baby shower.

This baby shower game only requires a few materials: balloons, cloth diapers, safety pins, blindfolds and maybe a camera to capture all the fun.

After the game the cloth diapers could be given to the parents - even if they're not using cloth diapers because cloth diapers also work as great burp clothes - and any parent knows that you can't have too many burp clothes! The blindfolds could be regular headbands or bandanas that you can just tie over your players' eyes.

To save time, it's best to prep the balloons ahead of time - which means you'll need to blow them up before event. The balloons should be just the right size for fitting a diaper onto it. It's best to test out a balloon and if it works with the diaper, then you can work on blowing the rest of the balloons about the same size.

The amount of balloons you will need will depend on how many people you think will want to play. About 10-20 balloons should be good for a start, but if you end up doing multiple rounds or have a lot of people who want to play, then be sure to have some balloons available in case you need to blow up some more during the game.

How to Play Diaper the Balloon

To play the game, you will need to split your players into two to three teams, depending on how many people you have playing, ideally you will have about 5-7 people per team.

If you have some diaper newbies who are playing, you may need to demonstrate how to actually diaper a balloon. It's only fair to ensure that all players are aware of the basics. While is may seem like a breeze watching the demo from an experienced diaper expert - actually doing it will be something totally different - especially blindfolded!

Ready to play? Okay, so you'll blindfold one person from a team, then they will attempt to diaper their balloon! You can also have both teams going at the same time. After the team member diapers the balloon for a point or pops the balloon (no point for that!), then it's time for the next person to try.

If you are noticing a lot of popped balloons, then you might considering giving teams a chance to try again - maybe without a blindfold. At the end of the game, whichever team has the most points wins!

Baby Shower Game Prizes

As this game involves team of players, make sure that you have a prize for each member of the winning team. It doesn't have to be a big prize - gift cards, an assortment of candy in a tin or scented candles should be just fine.