"Thank You" Card Raffle Baby Shower Idea

"Thank You" Card Raffle Baby Shower Idea

24th Apr 2020

A thank you card envelope raffle is super easy activity that can be set up more for the benefit of the parents-to-be than the guests. It is an activity where the guests write down their mailing address on an envelope or mailing label to be used for a thank you card given to them for attending after the baby shower. This activity will save the parents loads of time, especially if it's a big baby shower with a lot of guests!

You can plan this activity two ways:

Envelopes: You can ask the parents-to-be to get their thank you cards before the event and to bring just the envelopes with them.

Mailing Labels: Alternatively, you can just purchase white mailing labels that can be individually cut so that guests can just write their mailing address on a label. This option may work better because it takes the burden off requiring the parents to get their thank you cards well before the event and it can also be helpful if the parents are traveling from out-of-town to attend - one less thing to remember to pack for them! Individual labels also work out well when drawing the winners from a container - much easier than a jumble of envelopes.

Setting up the Raffle

It is best to catch the guests as they arrive. If you have a guest book or other activity ready for the guests as they come in, then it'll be easy to piggyback this activity with it. If not, no biggie, just have the supplies out near the entrance and let guests know what to do - or have the instructions out on a table so everyone is aware.

To add some pizzazz to the activity, you can put out different colored pens for guests or fun glitter pens. The container to hold the envelopes or labels can be decorated to match the theme of the baby shower if you have one. If you are using labels instead of envelopes, then you can look for fun colored labels or labels in different shapes to make them stand out. A small bowl of mints or treats can be set up nearby too.

Drawing Winners

Since the activity is relatively simple and low-key, you can draw a few winners at the end of the event. Or if you have a lot of guests coming, then you might make it an hourly drawing. If you have an older sibling or kids attending, then they can do the honor of drawing the winners if the parents-to-be are busy mingling. If you do an hourly drawing, then it's almost certain the guests who missed the activity will be sure to get their "ticket" in for the next raffle.

Raffle Prizes

The prizes for this raffle do not have to over-the-top because it's less of a game and more of just a simple raffle. A container with an assortment of candies, teas or coffees can be a great gift. A small succulent or other easy to care for plant would be cute. Some adorable fridge magnets. Basically, a small trinket or gift should be plenty for this activity.

Non-raffle Thank You Card Station

If you are hosting a bunch of baby shower games and maybe even a diaper raffle, then offering another raffle prize might be overkill. In that case, you can simply offer a station for guests to write address without any indication of a gift - just as a goodwill gesture to make sending out thank you cards a bit easier for the parents-to-be. 

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