Top Bee Baby Shower Themes

Top Bee Baby Shower Themes

10th Jul 2020

There's so much you can do with a bee baby shower! This classic baby shower theme can be modified in so many ways to fit your baby shower vision. Want to focus on the mommy? No problem, host a Mommy-to-bee themed baby shower. What to have a gender reveal? No biggie, switch the bee theme to a "What will it bee?" themed event.

Check out these bee baby shower theme options that may just work for what you have in mind.


A mommy-to-bee baby shower theme is great way to celebrate a first time mommy-to-be. Becoming a first time mom is a big transition and certainly something to celebrate. Choosing a Mommy-to-Bee theme is a fun way to put the spotlight on the mommy and celebrate her transition to this new stage in her life. With a mommy-to-bee theme, you can include all the elements of a bee baby shower, just with a mommy focus.

Including some advice cards for the mommy-to-bee is a sweet way to allow your guests a chance to share some of their advice based on their own life experiences. The advice may be sentimental and heartfelt or it might be lighthearted and funny - either way, it will be a treasured keepsake that the new mommy will enjoy for a long time.

In addition to advice cards, you can include a fun "Who Knows the Mommy-to-bee Best?" baby shower game that focuses on the new mommy. In this game, guests will read a question about the mommy and if they think they know the answer, they will write it down. The person with the most answers correct will win! 

Who Knows Mommy-to-bee best? Baby Shower Game

The game includes questions like, "What is the Mommy-to-bee's shoe size?" and "What is the Mommy-to-bee's favorite drink?" and so on. This is not only a great way to see who knows the mommy best, but it's also a fun way to get the know the mommy better!

Mommy-to-bee and Daddy-to-bee

A Mommy-to-bee and Daddy-to-bee themed baby shower is perfect if you are hosting a coed baby shower. This theme is super adorable and can be ideal for celebrating brand new parents-to-be! A bee themed baby shower is great for a spring or summertime event.

An obvious game for this baby shower theme is the ever popular "Guess Who? Mommy-to-Bee or Daddy-to-Bee?" This is a super fun game can get pretty competitive as guests try to show how much they know the new parents. In the game, the guest will read the question and decide whether it describes the mommy-to-bee or the daddy-to-bee. 

Guess Who? Mommy-to-bee or Daddy-to-bee

Some of the questions are baby related, like "Who sings lullabies better?" and some are personality related, like "Who will be the sillier parent?" You may be surprised at the what the parents reveal when it comes time to answer the questions! The guest with the most answers correct wins!

Honey Bee

A honey bee themed baby shower is a timeless theme that never goes out of style. Besides the sweet elements of bees and honey, you can also include cute little honey-loving bears to the mix. The hunny loving character of Winnie-the-Pooh is a lovely addition to a honey bee themed baby shower because it adds that touch of nostalgia that guests will love. Even Winnie-the-Pooh is making a comeback and continues to be a bear that is nearly universally loved.

With a honey bee themed baby shower, you can pull ideas from other bee themed baby shower ideas to make it truly your own.


A sweet-as-can-bee or sweet-as-can-be bee baby shower theme gives the host an excuse to pump up the sweetness!

From adorable decorations of sweet buzzing bumble bees, to a sweet spread of decadent desserts, this is a theme that is completely versatile depending on your vision. You can go uber-cutesy with this theme and put your event into cuteness overload with happy little bees everywhere or you can go a contemporary route and focus on hexagonal honeycomb patterns, over-the-top desserts, brilliant decorations of shimmery gold and black and more.

Whichever way you decide to go, a sweet-as-can-be baby shower is a fun and memorable way to celebrate the arrival of a sweet little one.

What will it Bee?

A bee themed baby shower can also be modified as a gender reveal party! A "What will it bee?" themed baby shower is a popular gender reveal party concept because it's just so sweet! You can include all the elements of a bee baby shower and include the big reveal at some point during the event.

As a gender reveal party is often coed, there are a lot of games and activities that would match perfectly with the event. Hosting a bee themed diaper raffle can be a big help to the parents-to-bee. Or including some bee themed book request cards with the outgoing invitation is another way to give the parents a head start on a little library.

       Bee Book Request Baby Shower Cards

With a big focus on the baby for this bee themed shower, you can also include bee themed baby predication cards for guests to fill out after they learn if the parents are having a boy or a girl. These cute cards offer guests a chance to predict the baby's birth date, weight, length and more. There's even a section where guests can offer their advice to the parents to be.

Bee Baby Predictions and Advice Baby Shower Cards

Another sweet activity for guests is having them fill out a "Wishes for Baby" card, which gives the guests some prompts to complete for the new little one. Prompts include "I hope you love..." "Be brave when..." "Remember that..." and more. The parents-to-be will certainly treasure theses activity cards and will have a opportunity to pass them along to their little one when the time is right. 

Bee Wishes for Baby Cards