What is a Baby Sprinkle?

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

3rd Sep 2019

Every new baby deserves to be celebrated which is why baby sprinkles are becoming more common. Let's say your sister or workplace wifey announces that she is having a second or third child and you want to celebrate the growing family, then a baby sprinkle is just want you need.

Here is a breakdown of what exactly a baby sprinkle is and how to host one.

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

If the parents already have a child or children, but are expecting another one, then a baby sprinkle is a way to welcome the little one, but also to gift the parents with baby supplies that they will need for a new baby.

While the parents may already have a pack-n-play, a diaper changing table, a baby swing, a high chair and some of the bigger ticket items from their first child, they will still need some day-to-day essentials like diapers, wipes, baby lotion and more.

If the first child is much older, then the parents might have given away some of the newborn items that they'll need again. Or if they are expecting a boy when their first was a girl, then they may prefer more dinosaur-related threads than princess-related threads.

A baby sprinkle is the perfect way to not only celebrate the new little one, but to give the parents and even the older siblings some things that will help to set them up for their new baby.

How to Throw a Baby Sprinkle

If you are hosting a baby sprinkle, keep in mind that a sprinkle is typically not quite the big bash that a baby shower can be, rather it's a more casual event. Although there are still some elements that are similar to a baby shower.

A baby sprinkle is a casual event, but you will still need to send out invites (if it’s a small guest list, then digital or text invites would be appropriate), find a place to host the event and party plan it just like a baby shower, but on a smaller scale.

Just as with baby shower, a baby sprinkle is usually held about four to six weeks before the baby is due.

Who do you invite to a Baby Sprinkle?

It is up to the parents to decide who to invite, but usually a baby sprinkle is reserved for very close friends and family members. As it is typically a smaller and more casual event, the guest lists are normally smaller than the guest list for a traditional baby shower, but the parents are free to invite whomever they want.

In all, it’s a celebration of a growing family and while gifts are appreciated, they aren’t required. So, if the parents just want to celebrate with more people, then they can!

Baby Sprinkle Themes

As baby sprinkles are typically not as extravagant as baby showers many hosts choose a casual theme that plays along with the baby sprinkle idea such as cupcakes and sprinkles, a donut party, a sprinkle/rain and rainbow party, a color confetti theme and other colorful ideas.

Coed Baby Sprinkle Themes

If you are hosting a coed baby sprinkle and you'd like to avoid the whole "sprinkle" theme, then you can definitely still keep it casual with a Beers and Bottles theme, or a Huggies for Chuggies theme - both involve offering guests some adult beverages to celebrate the new arrival, but also play into the idea that guests should bring diapers or some other helpful baby supplies for the parents or dad.

A baby-que theme can be a great co-ed and family-friendly theme where you host a bar-be-que, which will let guests know that the event is casual. A baby sprinkle doesn’t often require a theme, so a few colorful decorations may be all you need for the event.

Baby Sprinkle Games

Just because it's a baby sprinkle doesn't mean you can't have baby shower games! You may not have a lot of the traditional baby shower games like baby shower BINGO (as the parents will not likely be opening a lot of the traditional gifts), rather you can have some low-key baby shower games that tie into the theme.

A Guess How Many? game can be a fun game to use with colorful gumballs or bright hard candies in a jar. If it's a coed baby shower, then a game testing the guests on who well they know the mommy and daddy can be a fun one to host.

Other Baby Sprinkle Activities

A diaper raffle is almost a no-brainer for including in a baby sprinkle. Even if the parents have everything else they will need, they can always use more diapers (and wipes!), but for the sake of a new trending baby shower activity, hosting a diaper raffle will result in some very happy parents!

A diaper raffle is a way to encourage guests to bring a pack of diapers in any size. If they bring a pack, then they are entered into a raffle for a prize. Diaper raffle tickets can be send with the baby sprinkle invitations, so that guests will know there's going to be a diaper raffle at the event.

For the prize, you want to make sure you choose a grand prize that most everyone can enjoy. A movie night gift pack with movie tickets, candies all packaged in a big popcorn bowl can make a great prize for nearly everyone. If you are hosting a mainly male event, then a bucket of brews from around the world can make an interesting prize. A gift card to a new local family restaurant can be a fun prize if you are expecting a lot of families to participate.

For a baby sprinkle, you can also do a baby predictions game where guests will try to predict the birth date, length and width of the baby and the person who gets closest to the actual numbers will win a prize (or course the prize will come after the baby is born)!

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

If you are hosting an actual sprinkle theme, then confetti, colorful streamers, bright balloons – pretty much anything that gives some pops of color is welcome!

If you are sticking to a theme, then decorating for the theme makes perfect sense, though having dessert be sprinkled cupcakes or donuts can be a subtle way to pay tribute to the idea that it’s a baby sprinkle and not a baby shower.

Baby Sprinkle Menu

As a baby sprinkle is a casual affair, the menu can be kept simple.

If the event is in the late morning, then some brunch bites, like fresh fruit, croissants and sliced cheese paired with mom-mosas and fresh squeezed juice can be a lovely and light baby sprinkle spread.

If you are hosting a backyard baby-que, then firing up the grill for hamburgers and hotdogs along with some picnic sides like potato salad and corn on the cob can help to satisfy a bigger crowd.

If you are hosting a workplace baby sprinkle, then a tray of crackers, meat and cheeses along with sprinkled donuts would be perfect.

Baby Gift Registry - Yay or Nay?

A gift registry is completely optional for the parents, but it might be helpful for guests who really do want to purchase some necessities to get a better idea of what might be helpful. A gift registry is also a good way for the parents to track items that they really need to have before their new baby arrives.

If the parents are in need of larger ticket items, then a gift registry is a great way to share that with others. For example, if their first born is still using their infant car seat, then they might actually need a new car seat for their new baby. Some non-parents may not quite understand that, but having that option on the gift registry is a good way to share the need so maybe a great aunt or generous cousin will heed the call.

Sprinkling some Love on the Siblings

While a baby sprinkle is hosted to primarily celebrate the growing family, please do not forget about the older sibling or siblings that will be at the event.

For an older sibling, it might be a challenging transition going from an only child to having a sibling. Or if the parents have more than one child, then a growing family can prove to be challenging for all the older kids. So involving older siblings is a must for the baby sprinkle.

There are lots of ways to ensure that an older sibling feels involved with the baby sprinkle. If they are much older, then they can participate by assisting with the event – organizing the gifts, setting out the food spread, welcoming guests, explaining any games or activities going on, drawing the winner for the diaper raffle and more.

A more fun way to include an older sibling would be to give the child their own special gift for becoming an older sibling. A new shirt with “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” on it can make be a fun way to announce their soon-to-be title. Matching outfits for the older and soon-to-be baby can also be a great way to help an older sibling make the connection that they will have a sibling soon.

Books about new babies arriving in a house and how important being an older sibling will be can help an older sibling with the transition as well.

Baby Sprinkle Gift Favors

Baby sprinkle party favors are completely optional but can be a great way to say “Thank you” to the guests who came to the event. The party favor does not have to be big, some cupcake mix with sprinkles can be a cute way to say thanks. A cake pop with sprinkles to take home is another yummy way to send your guests off.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are also a great way to show your appreciation for guests who attended your sprinkle. Some parents wait to send out thank you cards with pictures of the newborn, but the parents are free to send out thank you cards before then.