Can You Find the Guest? Icebreaker Party Game (24 Count)

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Get the conversations started at your next gathering! This easy-to-play ice breaker game is perfect for a coed baby shower, bridal shower, engagement, housewarming or other special event where people may not know the other guests very well.

For the game, see if your guest can find 18 other guests who: Has more than two kids / Is a vegetarian / Knows more than one language / Has traveled abroad / Is left-handed / Has more than two pets / Does not have cable TV / Plays a musical instrument / Is the eldest or only child / Has a tattoo / Played a sport in high school / Does not have Facebook / Wears contact lenses / Is related to the guest of honor / Has one or more grandchildren / Loves to bake / Prefers cats over dogs / Has an allergy.

This is a great game to encourage guests to talk with one another and get to know them. Most of the questions make great conversation starters and are common enough that with a good sized group, most everyone should be able to find someone who fits the question.

Game sheets are 5" x 7" in size and printed on smooth, matte cardstock and printed with a clear, crisp typeface and font size for improved readability. Package includes 24 game sheets.

Made in the U.S.A.