Price is Right Baby Shower Game (24 Count)

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Come on down! Get your party going with this fun and challenging baby shower game. This game is a spin on The Price is Right game show. Gender neutral colors of minty green, peach and gray make this a great game whether the parents-to-be are expecting a boy, girl or are waiting for it to be a surprise. 

In this game, your guests will guess the prices of twelve common baby items, then add up their total. The host will reveal the actual prices of the items, then the grand total. The guest who has the closest to the actual grand total without going over wins the game!

This is a great game to play at a co-ed baby shower or even a workplace baby shower! It will definitely bring out the competitiveness among the guests and the actual prices for some of the items may shock non-parents or guests from an older generations.

The twelve baby items included are diapers (box of 100-125), baby wipes (pack of 60-75), diaper cream, pacifier, 3-pack of baby bottles, bottle brush, jar of baby food, baby wash, baby lotion, 5-pack of white onsies, 6-pack of baby socks, and 4-pack of baby mittens.

Game includes space next to each item for guests to write down their guesses, a line for the guest's name and a line for the grand total

Game does not include an answer sheet as the prices for items will be dependent on local stores. For the final prices and grand total, host can research prices at a local store or check online for current prices, then add up the total before the event.

Game sheets measure a generous 5" x 7" inches and can make a fun keepsake for the parents-to-be. Package includes 24 game sheets.

Made in the U.S.A.


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