Rubber Ducky Baby Animal Matching Game (24 Count)

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Make a splash with this adorable rubber ducky themed animal matching game. In this game, guests will try to guess the name of the baby that matches each type of animal, and the guest with the most correct answers, wins! 
Animals include: alligator, alpaca, ant, bat, bear, camel, cat, deer, dog, duck, elephant, ferret, goose, human, kangaroo, manatee, peacock, seal, toad and whale. Game sheet includes an answer bank so guests can choose which baby animal names match correctly. 
Game sheet also includes a bubble outline for each answer, so guests can fill the heart of the questions that were answered correctly. The bottom of the game includes space for the guest's name and total number of correct answers. 
Games sheets are sized 5" x 7" and printed on smooth, matte cardstock that works best with permanent pens or markers. Pack includes 24 game sheets and one answer sheet.

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