Who Knows Daddy Best Baby Shower Game Baby-Q Gingham Plaid (24 Count)

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“Who Knows Daddy Best?” is a great baby shower game that is all about the Daddy-to-be! This game is perfect for a coed baby shower, baby-q event or a workplace baby shower honoring the Dad-to-be.

The game design includes the classic red and white gingham pattern that works with a  gender neutral or boy or girl baby shower. The fun design is perfect for an outdoor, barbeque, picnic or pool themed baby shower event. The questions are written in a large and clear font that improves readability for guests of all ages and encourages participation.

Each question includes plenty of space for guests to write their answers. The game asks a series of questions about the Daddy-to-be, each guest writes down an answer, if the guest answers correctly, then they color in a heart at the end of the question line - the guest with the most hearts wins! Now you can find out just how well your guests know the expectant father.

Each game sheet includes the same 15 questions that are all about the Daddy-to-be, they are: Where was Daddy born? / When is Daddy’s birthday? / How tall is Daddy? / What is Daddy’s shoe size? / How many siblings does Daddy have? / What is Daddy’s middle name? / What is Daddy’s favorite TV show? / What is Daddy’s favorite sports team? / Where did Daddy go to school? / What is Daddy’s favorite movie? / What is Daddy’s favorite food? / What is Daddy’s favorite color? / Where does Daddy love to shop? / What is Daddy’s favorite holiday? / What is Daddy’s favorite drink?

Game sheets also include space at the bottom where the guest can write their name and total number of answers they got correct. Games are printed on 5" x 7" game sheets with plenty of space for answers. Each pack contains 24 game sheets. Game sheets are printed on thick and uncoated cardstock for durability. Game does not include an answer sheet as the answers are dependent on the Father-to-be.

Made in the USA.

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